I.P. – Interactive Animation [ANI14102]


 Copyright Case:


Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw pulls “Heroes” video following copyright warning over stick figuredandypunk

After Måns Zelmerlöw won Eurovision his team at SVT had to remove his video “Heroes” after performer Dandypunk sued for copyright infringement.

Director Fredrik “Benke” Rydan admitted he was inspired by an artist’s work however, denied plagiarism.

The directhttp://wiwibloggs.com/2015/04/02/sweden-mans-zelmerlow-pulls-heroes-video-following-copyright-claim/88953/

Intellectual Property Rights and Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter and Linked in are sites used for networking and even artists such as photographers to publish their work, however their Terms of Service allows them use your content you publish in other places.

“By agreeing to Facebook’s terms of service, you agree to give Facebook “non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use” for any content that has intellectual property rights. This means you give Facebook the right to use your content for nothing.”

In 2008 here was a case where a man saw an advert to a dating site which had used a photo of his wife. A third party had mined the data from Facebook. Once it was reported it was removed.
Employers and Employees should only use either their own content as there will be no need to battle for the right to use it or use free public domain sites.
there was a case where the copywriters at Webcopyplus, who had to pay $4,000 for a photo they took from the web.

http://lightspandigital.com/blog/intellectual-property-rights-and-social-media/#axzz3bokDXNfm https://vimeo.com/121884843


The word Apps spelled in app tile icons on a  modern black smart phone

Intellectual property rights:

  1. Trade Secret Protection: 
  2. Copyright Protection: 
  3. Trademark Protection: 
  4. Permission:

Copy-write will protect your graphics original work for your app, including the source code, graphics, text, and the audio-visual content. however it does not protect your ideas, facts, or methods of the operation unless they were used creatively.

Recommended copyright strategies:

  • Be quick to register your copyright
  • Consider the cost of protection
  • Consider the scale of your protection
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Copyright, Patent and Trademark
  • Get equirements to guarantee your app’s protection by lawUS_Trademark_Registration




The parts of the game which are copywritable are the underlying code is protected as a literary work and the artwork and sound are protected as an audiovisual work. You don’t need to have the work (ie your video game) registered to covered by copyright law.

The artwork is also copywritable, however if somebody buys the licence to use it, then can duplicate it freely.
It is categorised as scenes a faire which means anything such as the sky, the ground and the scoring system. Anything that is neccessary for the game isn’t copywritable. For example, “if you have a golfing game, you would include certain design elements like holes, golf balls, golf clubs, golfers, grass, trees, and water.  While you can’t copy these elements verbatim from another golfing game, you have the right to include such elements in your game because otherwise no one else could create a golfing game.”


Augmented Reality:


  • Privacy issues: facial recognition.
  • The first AR-related patent lawsuit was Tomita Technologies USA, LLC v. Nintendo Co., filed in June 2011. The claimed infringement involved a sliding control button on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console, one of the first attempts at AR gaming. The slider adjusts the three-dimensional image displayed in the 3DS’s “AR mode.” A jury in the Southern District of New York returned a verdict in Tomita’s favor and awarded it $30.2 million in damages, although the court reduced that amount by half in an August 2013.



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