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It is agreed that Google dominates the mobile market with 900 million users, while Apple sold 600 million iOS devices and Microsoft sold an estimate of12 million Windows Phones, 81% sold by Nokia.

Apple, at its WorldWide Developer Conference, talked about 1.25 million apps in the app store had 50 billion downloads and $5 billion paid off to developers in the last year. To the company, it is a sign of pride to be able to pay this developer community. Internal data from the app store, gathered from sources close to the company, indicate that the numbers are in line with the actual payments made to developers.

At Google I/O, the largest Android developer conference, Google boasted 150,000 developers responsible for over 800,000 apps. recent data in their financial filings seemed to indicate somewhere around $900 million in pay-outs to developers “over the last 12 months” and discussions with external research analysts put the number of downloaded apps from the Google Play store at around 48 billion, close to what Apple has claimed.

According to the data, the average developer on those platforms is developing 3 to 5 apps depending on the platform. It also shows that Android is the has the most downloads for a given app however it has lower revenue.2

With the average app download giving around 2 cents to its developer; Apple earns more for every one of the 40,000 potential app downloads however, Microsoft’s platform benefits developers, bringing in $.15 per download

Multiplying the average revenue per app by its average number of downloads, can show what an average developer can expect to make on an app today.

The data concludes that iOS developers earn more.

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In a recent GigaOM Pro study of app developers, more than half say they make less than $500 a month from their paid apps. 75% of 352 either hold another job or do app development only as part of their main job.

A third of developers of advertising-dependent apps make less than $100 a month in ad revenue, according to the study.


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According to this chart on TV, video games and animation programme sectors in the UK economy, videogame makers make:

  • £666m from multiplier effects
  • £639m from development: Game Developers + Designers
  • £63m from publishing
  • £53m from retail
  • £8.5m in merchandise

On average a games designer usually makes $67-6800 a year. A mid Mid-level designer 68-67K and a Creative director earns roughly $125-150K.

In 2013, salaried game developers in the U.S. made an average of $83,060 last year, down 2 percent from the year prior.

Business and management salaries topped all other disciplines once again this year, averaging $101,572, followed by audio professionals ($95,682) and programmers ($93,251). Quality assurance professionals earned the lowest average salary at $54,833.

Here are the rest of the disciplines we covered (U.S.):

  • Business and management: $101,572
  • Audio professionals: $95,682
  • Programmers: $93,251
  • Artists and animators: $74,349
  • Producers: $82,286
  • Game designers: $73,864
  • Quality Assurance: $54,833

In Canada, salaried game developers, including all disciplines, made an average annual salary of USD $71,445 (up 9 percent year-on-year) in 2013, whereas Europe-based game developers made USD $46,232

The indie report

Non-salaried solo independent game developers made an average of $11,812 (down 49 percent year-on-year) last year, while individual members of an indie team made an average of $50,833

The game industry as a whole boasts $7 billion with 94% of the employees being male.

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Augmented reality:


A few augmented reality companies have used fundraising to fund their projects.

  • Magic Leap Inc, a startup focused on augmented reality technology, said it raised $542 million in a funding round led by Google Inc.

  • Mike Lynch, who sold software firm Autonomy to Hewlett-Packard for $11 billion, is backing a start-up focused on augmented reality – the ability to overlay information on a real-world background.
    The investment is the second by Invoke Capital, a $1 billion fund set up by the British entrepreneur after he left Autonomy last year just seven months following the HP takeover that netted him about $760 million.

  • It was announced at the Global AR Summit in Shanghai in September that revenues related to AR Technology will approach $600 billion by 2016. In addition, by 2017, over 2.5 billion mobile augmented reality apps will be downloaded to smartphones and tablets per annum and by 2020, 103 million automobiles will contain AR technology. With the anticipated release of Google Glass the augmented reality market is assured of even greater growth.

  • Fove are fundraising for their product on Kickstarter. So far they have had 1,156 backers who pledged $412,953 of their $250,000 goal.

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