Entrepreneurship – Interactive Animation [ANI14102]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxUAgGCuTOU Occupational: self-employment Structural: market-structure Functional: process or activity Innovation, Judgement, Adaptation, Coordination


Arijit Bhattacharyya: founder of Virtualinfocom (www.virtualinfo.com) and Virtualgamedeveloper (http://www.virtualgamedeveloper.com) banner

Arjit Bhattracharyya has been an entrepreneur for over 16 years. He set up India’s first game development education institute and game development production company in Kolkata, India with 149 professionals employed in 3 countries. Founder of Indea’s B2B portal on game development, portal on online exam and tutorial. Cofounder of Mama Events Solution Creator of one of India’s first 3D games based on mythology and culture He began programming with BASIC in late 1994 before moving to C and C++ for DOS application development  in early 1995 under Windows. Moved to RAD Borland’s C++ Builder (Delphi version of C++) At school he used to create comics and wrote his first comic that included design In 7th grade he decided to become an entrepreneur While in higher-education he wanted to work in in-house animation


Anand Gurani – AnimationXpress


Andand Guarni is a Serial Entrepreneur at the animation portal AnimationXpress. He launched his first company Khushboo Agarbatti Works at the age of 15 and since then, and founded 6 companies and brands.

He has as been involved with 6 ventures and been one of the finalists at the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards in 2008 in the Interactive category. In 2011 AnimationXpress.com organized the Indian Animation Industry Pavilion at MIFA & ANNECY, the world’s largest animation market and festival where the leading studios from India and 20 delegates participated. Before AnimationXpress, he worked at IndianTelevision.com. In charge of newsletters and doubled with print and web production and as a designer. After verhearing his former boss and current part current partner Anil Wanvari mentioning starting something in animation he launched AnimationXpress.com in 2003 as a fortnightly newsletter with links to animation stories from all over. After 6 months they had a sucessful in-house editorial setup. In they 2 years had several media partnerships, in-depth case studies, interviews developments. AnimationXpress.com was established as as the voice of Indian animation run single-handedly for almost 3 years until he built a team and became co-owner, co-founder, CEO & managing editor of AnimationXpress.


Aaron Mark Brown (Big Fat Mermaid):


Aaron Mark Brown animator, programmer, designer, illustrator at Big Fat Mermaid: Design, Art, Animation, Code, Application building, music etc. Describes himself: “creative who sees the world thorough the lens of mathematics. Interactive Development: Music –applied maths Originally hired to do llustration to animation software to programming the software + writing code for web and game development – You have to understand how to market Game Development: Curious Media. Word Zoom:  first game release Did games for Disney Worked on Lego Movie Apps – Lego Movie app – allows people to create own character and play with it on Lego network. Most games were on Disney’s website: Phineas and Ferb and Kick Buttowski Working on Jumping Jack – vertical jumper game. Classic and sophisticated character animation and artwork, lost in mobile games. Close to Classic Disney animation style. Story: every night Jack jumps out of his house into different settings in fantasy and real worlds.

http://idahoentrepreneurs.com/post/102564619516/interview-with-an-ide-big-fat-mermaid http://www.bigfatmermaid.com/wordzoom/

David Dodge (CodaKid)


Davide Dodge is a videogames expert who set up a kids coding and videogame design academy CodaKid for 6-14 year-olds in Old Town Scottsdale with five instructors teaching computer programming, game design and digital art.

In the 1990s he spent most of his time developing games in Silicon Valley. He started off his career as a video-game tester in In his 20s and he later learned to code and built levels in videogames for Cyclone Studios. Today he teaches kids how to code at his academy kids coding. “Establishing the connection between coding and creativity is ideal,” Dodge said. “That magic moment is what we strive to do and kids love it. Kids are our greatest marketing voice.”



Jennifer Garcia and Dave Maestri (Co-founders of Metamoki)


Metamoki a company that makes games for iOS and Android founded by Jennifer Garcia and Dave Maestri.

Jennifer Garcia is the co-founder and CEO of Metamoki and oversees all of the business operations, Investments and Business Interests of Metamoki.

Formerly at LOLapps Garcia was one of the first employees and in 2009 she helped the company grow from 5 employees to over 40. After she had left, Garcia she teamed up with Dave Maestri (Co-founder and Cheif Product Officer) to form Metamoki, Inc.

In 2008 Maestri created the first text based crime RPG (role-playing game) “Mob Wars,”  on Facebook which had never been a platform for games before. The game became popular and gained players from all around the world and even three years after its launch, Mob Wars continues to have a strong community.




Scott  Snibbe

Scott Snibbe Is a pioniring digital artist, Interactive artist and entrepreneur who uses interactive projections, interactive sculpture, iPad/IPod/iPhone apps, public art, performance, works for the screen/ He is currently a CEO at the social media music video startup Eyegroove,  He has collaborated with musician Bjork in 2014 on the Biophilia Album App


His work has been incorporated into concert tours, Olympics, museums, airports, and other major public spaces and events, and he has collaborated on interactive projects with musicians and filmmakers including Philip Glass, Beck, and James Cameron. He has received the Webby and Ars Electronica awards, and grants from the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Rockefeller Foundation.


http://www.snibbe.com/blog/ http://www.mat.ucsb.edu/595M/?p=658


When Pou launched on Android last August and iPhone this November, it essentially cornered the market. By the time Bandai launched its Tamagotchi L.i.f.e app this February, Pou had already surged to #1 in kids’ games in the App Store in 65 countries.

Now, Pou has not only brought that 65 to 90, it’s reached #1 overall in the iOS app store in 11 countries: Spain, Germany, Denmark, Austria, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Chile, Hungary, Macedonia, Iceland, and Estonia. In the U.S. App Store, it climbed to #1 for kids’ games on March 4th, and at time of print was still top in its category. Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. hasn’t ranked in any of those countries, according to AppFigures.


D’Aloisio’s ‘ridiculous’ life (his word) is a function of the burgeoning popularity of the iPhone app he created – Summly, a news summarisation service that he describes as ‘a completely novel way of consuming content on mobile’. Essentially, it pulls in news from a variety of sources and uses a computer algorithm to boil it down to a couple of key sentences, with users choosing the subjects most relevant to them. If you’re interested, you can click through to a longer summary, or the entire, original article. The latest version, which is free, has already been downloaded more than 750,000 times since it launched in November 2012, with its summaries being read more than 75 million times.



Maya Penn

Maya Penn is a a 15 year old philanthropist, environmental activist, entrepreneur, eco-designer, inspirational speaker, artist, animator, coder, illustrator. and writer started her business in 2008 when she was 8 years old.

George Siosi:


Curational Animator

George Siosi is an entrepreneur and cultural animator. Currently he is Manager at Hub Australia a coworking commuinity for growing businesses. In 2008 Graduatedwith a Master’s Degree in Animation and Interactive media and author of the book Animated Spiritn. He also created the successful animation seriesTales From Nanumea which preserves the myths and legents from his maternal homeland, Tuvalu.

He has also been featured by Adobe who identified him as a Key Person of Influence, Toon Boom Animation, ABC Radio, the World Indigenous Network, and the Pacific Voyagers Foundation. In 2012, he was voted by the Foundation for Young Australian as one of Australia’s Top 50 “Young & Extraordinary” social entrepreneurs.

Tales from Nanumea: Pai & Vau from George Siosi Samuels on Vimeo.





William Warren (The Sketch Effect)

The Sketch Effect

In 2012 William Warren started his own business The Sketch Effect, a Visual Communication company which creates illustration-Design pieces for print and web, including infographics, flow-charts, diagrams, booklets, typographic posters, murals and quote illustrations. They also do Graphic Recording and Sketchnotes which involve visualising live speeches in realtime with illustrations and their own animations for businesses and to communicate ideas.

His drawings he did in middle-school led him to become an award winning




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