Animation sectors of the industry related to creating digital environments [ANI14105]

I decided to do some research into concept art, videoegames, and architecture.

Concept art:

Skills required:

  • Knowledge of computer illustration software packages
  • Skills in film imagery
  • An understanding what Directors, Directors of Photography and Editors require from a scene
  • Excellent illustration skills
  • To be a strong communicator
  • To be able to visualize perspective and 3D space
  • To have a keen interest in design, architecture and film
  • To visually interpret other people’s ideas
  • To be flexible and adapt to change when asked
  • To work as part of a team
  • To know about relevant health and safety legislation and procedures

US: 2013 Game Developer survey:

  • salaries could start at $55,682.
  • Those with three to six years of experience: $64,619. Those with six or more years of experience earned roughly $76,653.
  • Lead artists with three to six years experience: $69,545:
  • artists with six or more years earned $102,917.


  • 2012: £33,123
  • 2013 £29,358 (£4,000 less than the previous year.)

Concept artists:

Brian Froud (Laybrinth)

Labyrinth_concept_art_Brian-Froud_03 Labyrinth_concept_art_Brian-Froud_05

H.R. Giger (Alien)enhanced-buzz-wide-21488-1400241471-9

Tim Burton (Nighmare Before Christmas(

American McGee’s Alice Madness returns:

Blizzard Entertainment: World Of Warcraft


Vincent Callebaut’s Smart City

commissioned as part of the Climate Energy Plan of Paris, and shows how 2050 Paris could be more sustainable and a healthier future while retaining its historical aesthetic and meeting its long-term energy goals.

Eco-pods – Boston, MA

conceptual structure designed by Boston architects Howeler + Yoon and Los Angeles digital designers Squared Design Lab  for Boston in 2009,. It was designed as grow bio-fuel crops can produce enough automotive fuel to replace the world’s current diesel usage..

Environment artists:

Clinton CrumplerClinton Crumpler | 3D Environment Artist

Scott Homer – 3D Environment Artist

Liam Tart
Vincent Callebaut
Squares Design Lab

  • Clinton Crumpler is an 3D environment artist specializing in environments for games, modeling, and texturing. Clinton is based in Austin, TX.

  • Tim Spanjer | 3D Environment Artist

    Tim Spanjer – 3D Environment Art – Vehicle Artist – Military Vehicle Military Vehicle High-poly modeled in 3ds max baked to low-poly mesh in xNormal.

  • John Valenti | Official Portfolio

    About Me: I am John Valenti and I am a self-taught 3d Environment/Prop Artist. I started my journey in game development in late 2009 starting out working with …

  • 3D Environment Artist – Gamasutra Jobs…/3denvironmentartist-raleigh-north-carolina-279…

    Can you build and texture awe-inspiring 3D environments? We’re looking for a highly creative, self motivated artist with solid 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting …

  • Wiktor Öhman Portfolio

    Professional 3D & Environment Artist … Hello, My name is Wiktor Öhman, and I’m a 26 year-old 3D Artist living in Malmoe, Sweden. I am currently working at …

  • Christoffer Radsby

    Christoffer Radsby Portfolio Environment Artist for Games. … 3D Game Environment Artist. PORTFOLIO · ABOUT · BLOG. Cart – 0 items … A more cartoony and stylized Art-Direction with bold colors and little visual noise. I wanted to give it a feel …

  • Sebastian Schulz – 3D Environment Artist

    Contact – Resume – Blog – Free Stuff. All artwork created by Sebastian Schulz unless stated otherwise!


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